New Francisco (Yunfu City) Biotechnology Corporation Limited is honored to be declared as the ¡°Best Ingredient Supplier of the Year¡± by Abbott.

New Francisco (Yunfu City) Biotechnology Corporation Limited (NFBC) was elected ¡°Best Ingredient Supplier of the Year - Abbott China Operations Council¡± from over 1,000 suppliers by the world¡¯s largest pharmaceutical and infant formula manufacturer ¨C Abbott. The winning marble trophy and certificate were presented to Dr. Ping-Ju Tsai, the R&D director; Manxiang Ye, the vice president of QA; and Stephanie Zhai, the Senior Customer Service Manager of NFBC.
After winning ¡°World Dairy Innovation Awards¡± in ¡°Best Dairy Ingredient¡± category in 2016, galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) from NFBC have once again received recognition by a multinational dairy corporation.
The followings were evaluated from Q4 2015 to Q3 2016 and considered to be the primary elements for the award: 1. 100% immediate product release rate with zero non-conformance 2. 100% on-time delivery rate with correct quantity 3. Prompt and efficient customer service with flexible response to demand variation 4. Research and development in innovative ¡°cost optimization¡± 5. Comprehensive Social Accountability management system (SA8000)

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