The Only Chinese Galacto-oligosaccharides Products in Full Compliance to The Filing and Registration Regulation for Infant Formula ¨C New Francisco (Yunfu City) Biotechnology Corporation is The First to be Awarded Food Additives Production License for GOS in China

New Francisco (Yunfu City) Biotechnology Corporation¡¯s (NFBC) galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) products have passed the ¡°Food Additives Production License¡± inspection and audit by a group of specialists in July, 2016. This implies NFBC has now become the first GOS manufacturer in China to be awarded the Food Additives Production Certificate.
In 8th of June this year, China Food and Drug Administration has announced the ¡°Formula Registration Regulation for Infant and Follow-Up Formula¡±, which will be fully implemented at the beginning of October, 2016. Over the recent years, GOS and FOS have become two of the most popular additives for infant formula. GOS and FOS are added to infant formula as nutritional fortification substances in accordance to the published announcement by the ¡°National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China¡± and GB14880 regulations. However, up until now, the national standard for GOS has yet to be announced which consequently led to a delay in Food Additives Production Certificate applications for GOS manufacturers. In addition, without the production certificate, the infant formula manufacturers will not be able to use GOS as nutritional fortification substance. These can be quite troublesome for both the infant formula and GOS manufacturers.
The lack of audit rules and national standard for GOS in 2011 has made application of Food Production License impossible. NFBC has firstly established the audit rules and then acquired the nation¡¯s first Food Production License for GOS in accordance to NFBC¡¯s enterprise standards. NFBC has encountered similar scenario this year for the application for Food Additives Production Certificate. NFBC, as the world-renowned leading enterprise in GOS, is obligated to assist whatever is necessary to solving the problems. With the great support from Food and Drug Administration of Guangdong Province and Yunfu City, auditing details for Food Additives Production Certificate, which is in full compliance to Ministry of Health¡¯s notices on GOS, has been established, and the nation¡¯s first Food Additives Production Certificate issued to NFBC. This means that NFBC¡¯s GOS products are so far the only ones in full compliance to the nation¡¯s latest¡°Formula Registration Regulation for Infant and Follow-Up Formula¡± regulations.
NFBC¡¯s GOS and FOS products are not only certified by Food Additives Production Certificate, but also Food Production License. Therefore, our products can be legitimately used in infant formula as nutritional fortification substances and as raw materials for general foods.

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